Going Deaf

It was wrong when many people were unjustly railroaded and misread at the CDF. It stings to have the injustice returned:

It seems as though the report was prepared before the meeting with the Holy See delegation which gave detailed answers on a number of points.

John Allen at his new digs:

The danger is that when (some) Catholic leaders … read the UN report and stumble over the parts on the culture wars, they may be tempted to file the whole thing under the usual secular axe-grinding. That drumbeat has already started, as the Vatican’s envoy to Geneva today suggested in an interview with Vatican Radio that liberal NGOs in the UN system “reinforced an ideological line” in the drafting of the report.

Over the years, the Vatican sometimes has been accused of being spectacularly tone-deaf in its response to the abuse crisis, and God knows there’s merit to those perceptions. Now it may be the UN that’s off-key, restocking what had been the diminishing ammo of those inclined to defend the status quo.

It’s bad enough when intellectuals stumble over themselves over small points of theology. It’s another when children are caught up in the dialogue of the deaf.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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