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The Brits are amused at American persnicketiness over jaywalking. Nice feature here. Nice quote from lawyer Ray Thomas a specialist in pedestrian and bicycle law: People in law-enforcement tend to identify with a motorist’s perspective. It’s their version of being … Continue reading

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Anniversary Week

While I was at Mass Sunday night, the family signaled me of the Beatles love-fest on network tv here at home. The music, naturally, was great. I had a laugh at all the aging celebrities in the seats. If he … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Ages

As the years have passed, it’s taken me a bit to get used to seeing people born after I was: being my employer and pastor getting elected my president appointed to the College of Cardinals There are others, but these … Continue reading

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Mediator Dei 185-188

The bishops are urged to cultivate piety in devotional prayer and develop it: 185. Take care then, Venerable Brethren, that this true and solid piety increases daily and more under your guidance and bears more abundant fruit. Above all, do … Continue reading

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EG 79: Workers Under The Influence Of The World

Do skeptics and cynics really have sway with pastoral workers? Even in the church settings in which we sometimes retreat, are some of us circling this fruitless race? 79. At times our media culture and some intellectual circles convey a … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Matthew 5:17-20

The Reconciliation Lectionary gives thirty-one verses as an option for a reading at number 180 in the rite. Honestly, I can’t imagine that whole Gospel passage proclaimed at either liturgy or with reconciliation with one penitent. This coming weekend’s long … Continue reading

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Next Italian Pope?

We’ve had three non-Italian popes in a row. It used to be expected that the occupant of the Chair of Peter would be from Italy. It was so for centuries. Now that the pattern has been broken, I wonder when … Continue reading

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