New Jersey’s Bishop of Bling?

Most retirees downsize living space. Not so the Archbishop of Newark. Church management consultant Charles Zech:

Archbishop Myers obviously is not paying any attention to the pope. This is extreme, way beyond what you’d expect to happen. I can’t believe the parishioners of Newark are going to allow this to happen.

From the RNS article, a description of the building addition:

  • a large first-floor study and a smaller, attached library.
  • a bedroom and sitting room — matching the footprint of the first-floor layout — are planned for the second floor.
  • a 28-foot by 28-foot gallery with sweeping views of the property.
  • a fireplace on each level.
  • a single-story “wellness room” will connect the main house and the addition.
  • a hot tub and a 14-foot by 7-foot Endless Pool, a brand of exercise pool. The pool’s jets provide a current, allowing one to swim in place.

What to think?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to New Jersey’s Bishop of Bling?

  1. John McGrath says:

    I presume this would be part of the residence of any new bishop. If so, it’s suburban New Jersey upper middle class, not that luxurious, not an unusual type of residence for a college full professor. And the exercise pool is a good thing. A little downscaling does seem in order, – the gallery, for instance, unless it is planned to be rented out for income or to be used to host parishioners. But overall this project is not on the scale of the German bishop of bling.

    Newark is traditionally a poor city, but many young professionals have moved into apartment buildings surrounding the subway stops in Newark. I don’t know if any of these affluent young are parishioners. Within the boundaries of the diocese there are some very affluent suburbs. A few affluent Catholics might well be willing to fund the project.

    The Newark cathedral, in my view, is the most beautiful in the USA, and it is set in a beautiful park but on a major thoroughfare. It is also on the light rail line. Perhaps there is thought to promote more activities and receptions at the cathedral in the manner of many of the Anglican cathedrals in England and Ireland. They have become money makers for their dioceses, drawing big crowds, even for the religious ceremonies.

  2. Anne Petekiewicz says:

    When is the last time you heard of a NUN living a lavish pampered lifestyle ? It’s always the priests who feel entitled to behave as though superior to their flock. What is the meaning of the word “Monsignor “? A nun is never more than “sister”, and lives in line with the teachings of Jesus

    • John McGrath says:

      I would like to see elderly nuns provided with a whirlpool bath for their aging bones. I would also like to be provided with one for my aging bones, but I cannot afford one.

      The whirlpool bath seems OK by me. But if the rest of the plans for the “residencia” is strictly for the private use of the bishop rather than the parish, then that’s not good. Perhaps that extra money could be spent for whirlpool baths at residences for elderly nuns.

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