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Imitating Women In Inappropriate Relationships

Is this just a coincidence, or a sign of the low imagination levels of tv writers when it comes to scripting women … One of my wife’s favorite programs, NCIS, kicked off with a Secret Service agent having an affair. … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Matthew 5:33-37

The end of last Sunday’s Gospel was the main focus of my pastor’s homily. The idea of talking plainly, of letting one’s yes mean yes. And getting off our indecisiveness and keeping-options-open and making a commitment when we are called … Continue reading

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A Thankless Job

The NYT hammers on Archbishop Myers. Thumbs up to a palace; thumbs down to a school: is that a fair assessment of the archdiocese’s position? Jim Goodness, the spokesman for the archdiocese, has the thankless job of explaining this. “The … Continue reading

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Lunch Chicken For A Snowy Day

The young miss is in transit. As you see above, white has replaced gray and brown. Meanwhile, below, I have some wok-grilled chicken that I first browned, then poached in tomato juice, and then when it reduced, I poured in … Continue reading

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Post 10000

This self-indulgent essay marks the 10,000th post on Catholic Sensibility. We’ve been running along for over ten years, a fair slice of my adult life. Catholic blogs and their bloggers come, go, and get absorbed into big consortiums. But we … Continue reading

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Mediator Dei 203-204

Be watchful, the bishops of the Catholic world are advised, against certain trends: 203. But in all these matters, it is essential that you watch vigilantly lest the enemy come into the field of the Lord and sow cockle among … Continue reading

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Before The Snow

Thunder is sounding in the skies above here. It’s a gray and dismal-looking day. Weather reports have hail in places in Iowa. Some just started tapping on our windows. Little bitty pieces. Other places to the west of us have … Continue reading

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