A Thankless Job

The NYT hammers on Archbishop Myers. Thumbs up to a palace; thumbs down to a school: is that a fair assessment of the archdiocese’s position?

Jim Goodness, the spokesman for the archdiocese, has the thankless job of explaining this. “The press says it’s a hot tub; it’s a whirlpool,” he says of one of the wing’s accouterments. “He’s getting older — there are therapeutic issues.”

The proceeds from the sale of other properties owned by the archdiocese, he explained, will pay for the expansion. “It is not going to cost our parishioners anything,” he said.

(Journalist Michael Powell) felt compelled to ask: Couldn’t this half million dollars go to, oh, more meals for the homeless? “Any extra monies will go to the diocese,” he replied.

Two years ago this would have been a very discouraging story. At this point, the archbishop can enjoy his retirement aquatherapy for all I care. His brand will go extinct soon enough.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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4 Responses to A Thankless Job

  1. bill bannon says:

    According to Vatican II, he must make this home welcoming to the poor who hopefully will bring their trunks…

    ON DECEMBER 7, 1965
    ” Led by the Spirit of the Lord, who anointed the Savior and sent him to evangelize the poor,(53) priests, therefore, and also bishops, should avoid everything which in any way could turn the poor away. Before the other followers of Christ, let priests set aside every appearance of vanity in their possessions. Let them arrange their homes so that they might not appear unapproachable to anyone, lest anyone, even the most humble, fear to visit them.”

    • Todd says:

      One wonders if the archbishop would research the anti-vagrancy laws in his township. Or why no reporter ever cites church teaching like these in the secular pressers.

      • bill bannon says:

        I wish the press knew Vatican II because they would hold us to it but the above comes in a non exciting decree which I had to read decades ago under 8 years of the Jesuits.

  2. bill bannon says:

    The plain people, the Amish, know their Bible in a very fundy way…
    Isaiah 5:8. Woe to you that join house to house and lay field to field, even to the end of the place: shall you alone dwell in the midst of the earth?
    Lol….literally what happened with this addition.

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