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Kansas City Settlements

I noticed that two abuse lawsuits were settled in my former diocese. I don’t know if this is the end of the Shawn Ratigan affair from the perspective of legal action against the diocese. The families suing could have been … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Naked, And You Clothed Me

I’m on the fence about books of homilies. A confession: I wrote for a homily service for several years back in the 90’s. I was given three assignments each quarter, and I tried my best with them. But toward the … Continue reading

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Pope John Paul II’s Letter To Artists

On Easter Sunday 1999, Pope John Paul II released a Letter To Artists. The Holy Father was an artist himself, a poet, a playwright, and an actor. So he has some credibility even to those outside Christianity based solely on his … Continue reading

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EG 91: The Virtue of Stability

Pope Francis calls upon a few classic saint-guides from the spiritual life to remind us that the minister can never lose the thread of service to others. I also note the instability of those who “flit” and do not settle. … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Matthew 5:38-47

The classic passage on non-violence. My pastor preached again this weekend. He didn’t mince words. Non-violence (not passive acquiescence!) is not a suggestion: “You have heard that it was said, An eye for an eye and a tooth for a … Continue reading

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