Sub Zero But Clear

Anticipating I wasn’t going to be happy about shoveling out in below-zero temps this morning, I cleared the home driveway and walks last night after church. Sure enough, my car thought twice before igniting. Minus-nine Fahrenheit. It was another f-word cold.

It was also blue sky above and on the ground, rather nice drifts of light snow. Most of the rabbit tracks were submerged. I threw some old vegetables out on the back deck last night and this morning, there were furrows in the snow.

A handful of the morning’s liturgical ministers didn’t show for the early Mass. No problem, as many people come to me before liturgy and ask if I have openings.

Before my arrival, my predecessor and the pastor had “idiot-proofed” Communion ministry, training people to count the number of ministers and come forward if the count was below eleven. For a few reasons, I strongly disagreed with that proposal. And since I value the face time with parishioners before Mass, I knew we could develop better habits (finding subs, preparing for a Communion ¬†ministry assignment, etc.) by doing away with the count-to-eleven rule.

After four years, I think we’ve come to a better place on this. I feel better about the clearing up of expectations and assignments. Last weekend, one of the ministers approached me with gratefulness she no longer is worried about counting and going up at the same time three other people advance for the one empty spot.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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