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Crown of Thorns Up

The Lenten crown of thorns got lofted up the west wall today. The view from the entrance and narthex: It seems massive compared to most church decorations, but it almost gets lost in the vast spaces of empty walls in … Continue reading

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Letter To Artists 5c-d: An Artist’s Vocabulary

Artists themselves have regarded the Bible as a treasure trove of inspiration, a vocabulary, if you will. Why is this so? Biblical characters resonate with people today, and of all ages. Their stories are very much like our own.  Sacred … Continue reading

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How Surprisingly Profitable

Brian Pellot writes a weekly Monday blog for RNS on religious freedom. Since he writes from the UK, the post is up before most of us in the Americas wake. Today’s installment is here. Lots of angry Muslims lead off. And most prominently, … Continue reading

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EG 99: Christians Can Set A Better–And Needed–Example

In today’s Evangelii Gaudium post, we read the Holy Father’s challenge to be an example to the world, which obviously, has enough conflict and division: 99. Our world is being torn apart by wars and violence, and wounded by a widespread … Continue reading

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Just a heads-up for anyone out there who may have been frustrated with comments here lately, and in case your comments have never appeared. I just found 530 entries in my spam comments folder, and lately I haven’t been policing … Continue reading

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