Just a heads-up for anyone out there who may have been frustrated with comments here lately, and in case your comments have never appeared. I just found 530 entries in my spam comments folder, and lately I haven’t been policing it daily. Obviously.

Not being inclined to review hundreds of comments once a week, I just deleted.

If you are new to internet comments, I will advise you not to link other internet pages in your box. Or maybe one if you insist. WordPress doesn’t seem to like that. And as they have provided me a very good platform the last seven years, I’m inclined to go with their judgment on what constitutes inappropriate commentary.

If you sent a very important comment and it doesn’t appear immediately, you have three choices. 1. Try again. 2. e-mail me–I respond to emails within the day. 3. Comment briefly on the top post, and that will alert me, as I check this site three times a day, minimum.

trollUnlike many other Catholic internet sites, there is no policy of banning dissent here. In fact, I welcome and tolerate it more than a few of my friends think is necessary. There are no trolls here. Just tenacious people who might–just might–need a little more fresh air and sunshine.

Fortunately, I don’t have the heavy traffic of the corporate sites. And over the years, I think the few ultraconservatives who used to post here have gotten tired when I didn’t, in fact, ban them, insult their mothers, or converted to their views. I will have a dialogue with just about anybody. Even the tenacious.

When a person posts something insulting, it reflects on them, not the target. I delete spam, but I don’t have a plan to delete offensive posts. I may subtract offensive words and phrases from it, and leave it limping. But unless you’re spam, you’re in.

Once in the combox, you are also in the “latest ten” on the sidebar until the next set of commentators bump you from notice there. The internet is forever, so they say. And unless you ask me to drop one of your comments, it’s not going to leave the collection of electrons that is Catholic Sensibility.

And lastly, this site is designed to post and exchange commentary. No more. No less. Take what you read here with a grain of salt, if you like your dishes salty. Offer your own commentary as often as you like. It is welcome here.

Probably seventy percent of the traffic here, minimum, consists of people looking for readings for their wedding or a loved one’s funeral. They rarely comment, though I get an occasional e-mail about it.

computer_monitor blahThose of you reading this are most likely the 20-30% and not an engaged couple or a mourner. For you the internet may be a somewhat more Wild West kind of place. I set the standard here I think I can live up to. I provide short essays and commentary on church documents and on things of interest to me. I’m not shy about offering my opinion. I’m going to be tart now and then. I get angry like the next person. I try to avoid direct insult. I’m open to being corrected on matters of interpersonal ethics, especially when it comes to my behavior online here. If you want a role model, find a saint. I’m not there yet. I don’t cultivate fans, only friends.

Thanks again for visiting here and interacting. In part I began this project as a social outlet that permitted me to have human interaction outside my home and parish at a time in my life when home and parish were consuming nearly all of my life. Some guys have card nights or trips to sporting events. (That last one was me in the 90’s.) I have a blog. It keeps me home and sitting next to my wife when she is having a bad stay-at-home day.

But all of you, you are welcome to participate here.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled postings.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Comments

  1. Charles says:

    Todd, I don’t do any of those “man” things you speak of. I just do “church.”
    Are we pathetic, or what?

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