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Letter To Artists 6b: A Glimpse Into The Abyss Of Light

Our examination with Pope John Paul II into that “fruitful alliance between the Gospel and art” continues looking at that commonality between the life of faith and the experience of great art: Believers find nothing strange in this: they know … Continue reading

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I like pets. My wife attributes human characteristics from time to time. I think some of it is animal instinct. With cats, I wonder if I’m the one getting house-trained. What do you make of these images? Gambit has found … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want A Francis Effect

I put it in the headline to underscore I’m serious. Not cynical. Not making a funny. Cathy Lynn Grossman at RNS cites some Pew Research on Catholic thinking and behavior since last March 13th. Truthfully, I don’t want people showing … Continue reading

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Another FfF

Reading over this essay, I feel the need to provide a cynicism alert. If you are trying to be positive during Lent, perhaps come back later. I see the USCCB is gearing up for another Fortnight for Freedom. I haven’t … Continue reading

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EG 102: Other Ecclesial Challenges–The Laity

Pope Francis turns our attention to the laity in today’s post of Evangelii Gaudium. His observation is that within the structure and operation of the church, we have progress yet to make. He also speaks of the need for a … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Joel 2:12-19

The classic opener on Ash Wednesday, the first Scripture that invites us deeply into Lent. Are we ready for it? We hear it every year. Has it become too familiar? I’m not sure it works well in a communal reconciliation, … Continue reading

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