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Letter To Artists 7b-c: Architecture, Poetry, and Gregorian Chant

With great freedom, Christians offered to believers and to the world great examples of artistic expression. Christian architecture comes into a flowering in late antiquity, at least in the central cities: When the Edict of Constantine allowed Christians to declare … Continue reading

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EG 106: Two Areas Of Progress In Youth Ministry

Pope Francis cites two areas of progress. 106. Even if it is not always easy to approach young people, progress has been made in two areas: the awareness that the entire community is called to evangelize and educate the young, … Continue reading

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Cynic Alert: Phantom Wealth

Our corporations and government are touting how good a year 2013 was.¬†Are higher real estate values due to home improvements like better insulation, more energy efficiency, or repairs to domestic infrastructure? Hardly. The added value only counts if you’re in … Continue reading

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