EG 106: Two Areas Of Progress In Youth Ministry

Pope Francis cites two areas of progress.

106. Even if it is not always easy to approach young people, progress has been made in two areas:

  • the awareness that the entire community is called to evangelize and educate the young,
  • and the urgent need for the young to exercise greater leadership.

Vasnetsov_Maria_MagdaleneDo you see these among the youth you know, and in your faith communities?

We should recognize that despite the present crisis of commitment and communal relationships, many young people are making common cause before the problems of our world and are taking up various forms of activism and volunteer work. Some take part in the life of the Church as members of service groups and various missionary initiatives in their own dioceses and in other places. How beautiful it is to see that young people are “street preachers” (callejeros de la fe), joyfully bringing Jesus to every street, every town square and every corner of the earth!

From my view, young people are willing enough to make significant commitments, despite the fact that the adult in society generally aren’t, and don’t impart a good example. One or two years of service in a modern young adult’s life is a significant commitment that should be lauded, then encouraged as a future foundation. Let’s talk about that other modern religion, Almighty Sport. How many teams accept players and coaches on the scale of a generation? how many competitors are willing to invest long-term in a single team?

And let’s double back to the Church: how many bishops, once ordained and installed, are in it for life?

Evangelii Gaudium is online here. Worth reading.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to EG 106: Two Areas Of Progress In Youth Ministry

  1. Katherine says:

    Be fair, Todd. How many bishops, once ordained and installed, are taken away from their first flocks, and have their own lives upended, by the dreaded phone call: “The Holy Father is sending you to …”?

  2. Todd says:

    “Holy Father, no thank you. I’m called to serve the flock, not the institution.”

  3. sfdavies says:

    I love this! It’s helped me realize how I truly need to spread my faith, and make a commitment!

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