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Reconciliation Lectionary: Ezekiel 11:14-21

The prophet Ezekiel is not one of the most hopeful figures of the Old Testament. This following passage is a bit out of character for the rough-edged seer who dealt in dry bones and water gushing from the temple and … Continue reading

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Bloggers on Bruno on Cosmos

When I watched the first episode of the Cosmos reboot, I wondered how defensive Catholics would take the treatment of Giordano Bruno. I noticed a bit of spout and fussing at a few Patheos sites. But I think Becky Ferreira … Continue reading

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Letter To Artists 9a: Humanism and the Renaissance

Pope John Paul II arrives at the artists of what it today Vatican City: 9. The favorable cultural climate that produced the extraordinary artistic flowering of Humanism and the Renaissance also had a significant impact on the way in which … Continue reading

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Catching Up With the Quiet Beatle

After the big media bask on the Beatles’ 50th anniversary of their explosion into American pop culture, I’ve been reviewing their recordings online the past week or two. It was a revelation to find everything remastered on YouTube. Someday I’ll … Continue reading

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EG 110: The Proclamation of the Gospel

If you thought Pope Francis was long in Chapter Two (50-109) of Evangelii Gaudium, buckle your seat belts for Chapter Three (110-175). It’s slightly longer, but not quite the longest of this document. Over the next several weeks we’ll look at “The Proclamation … Continue reading

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