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Okay, so I have a few questions about the Australians considering a restoration of year-round Friday abstinence from meat. Why do we need bishops to tell us when not to eat meat? The US bishops have advocated abstinence and fasting … Continue reading

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More Frequent Blogging … Possibly

You might see more stuff on this site this week. The college students are on break. The young miss is on break. My beloved spouse is struggling with some health issues yesterday and today, so I’ll probably be sticking close … Continue reading

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Break From Blogging or Blog-Breaking?

Across the pond, a bishop asks a deacon to step back from blogging. The site in question is here. Seems like a group effort in the breach: the deacon’s wife and some other individuals. I looked over the site briefly. … Continue reading

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Selling Art?

At RNS David Gibson relays an open question the Philadelphia archdiocesan seminary is discerning: selling valuable works of art. The seminary rector, Bishop Timothy Senior on the matter: It’s not a museum. It’s a seminary. (It) is in very serious … Continue reading

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A High Road Moment?

People are thinking about protesting Fred Phelps’ immanent¬†funeral. I have a firm opinion on this one. Take the high road and leave the dude’s loved ones alone. Keeping it classy says it with style. Still, that isn’t to say there’s … Continue reading

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Letter To Artists 11: In The Spirit Of The Second Vatican Council

Don’t look now, but John Paul II is citing “the spirit of the Second Vatican Council.” Gaudium et Spes has something to say: 11. The Second Vatican Council laid the foundation for a renewed relationship between the Church and culture, … Continue reading

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EG 114: Community Exists For A Purpose

If we are God’s people, a community, we do not exist for our own protection, enjoyment, or self-exaltation. There is a reason the Christian community exists. And that is to further the mission of Christ in the universe. 114. Being … Continue reading

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Cosmos Reboot, Episode 2

My wife and I viewed last night’s episode together. She was disappointed I went ahead and watched the first one without her. (She caught up the other night when I was at the student center.) Last night’s piece had two … Continue reading

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