More Frequent Blogging … Possibly

You might see more stuff on this site this week. The college students are on break. The young miss is on break. My beloved spouse is struggling with some health issues yesterday and today, so I’ll probably be sticking close to home. We ran some errands around town this afternoon, and a dinner out was suggested. But after the parish, the library, the bank, City Hall, Best Buy, the grocery store, and the pharmacy, she requested I just take her home. Whew! That list makes me feel tired just typing it.

A few of my colleagues are traveling this week to visit family or just getting away. The pastor is leading a group to Conception Abbey as a monastic immersion Spring Break. When I dropped in at the office for a few minutes today, things seemed pretty quiet and sparse. I’m taking tomorrow off in addition to my Monday off this week to get some things accomplished at the house.

On the home front, I got rid of some grungy basement carpet this morning. My wife had suggested I cut it up but it was barely light enough for me to get the thing out in one piece. Our service charges $35 to cart it away. No brainer. Room swept, and things left for my wife to sort later this week when she feels better. Next Monday probably I’ll go back and clear out any junk, plus figure out how to make the room more comfortable because …

The young miss has made some noises about repurposing that basement room into a bedroom. It’s about 50% bigger than her current room. Only one electrical outlet. We’ll see if the plan holds.

I had been thinking we needed a storage room and to clear out the larger “common” room in the middle of the basement–more space for games and puzzles and hobbies. Either way, girl cave or storage, it needed cleaning.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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