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Pope Francis Confesses

As my parish’s two communal reconciliations approach, a question arises in connection with the Holy Father’s surprise for his MC. Did you read about it: (A)s Msgr. Guido Marini was showing which confessional the pope would be using to hear … Continue reading

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History v Theology?

I’m not sure what Fr John Shea expects¬†to accomplish here. I think I perceive his hope. It’s an unrealistic hope at this juncture. There will be no theological discussion. The people responsible, with the probable exception of the Bishop of … Continue reading

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Dies Domini 6: A Recovery of Doctrine

Pope John Paul II brings the spirit of an artist to many of his documents, but here we’re talking about doctrine underlying Sunday. He wasn’t wrong about Church doctrine dealing with Sunday. My question is how effective the doctrinal approach … Continue reading

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EG 125: Piety Facilitates Love

Pope Francis explains it a bit more in #125: that faith is more than mere assent to God’s teachings. One author I encountered recently said there’s a difference between faith¬† in God and agreeing with God. Agreement with moral teachings … Continue reading

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Premier League A Plus

News piece on the success of the American presentation of the English Premier League. It’s been fun to watch live on Saturday mornings–I don’t get to the Sunday matches until the wrap-up programs in the evening. Program host Rebecca Lowe: … Continue reading

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