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Cosmos Episode 3

I missed the network airing of episode 3. I watched it earlier today. Four is on a bit later tonight. But I might catch that later. A confession: I never watched the Carl Sagan series. I have no reference to … Continue reading

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Dies Domini 8: The Celebration of the Creator’s Work

Chapter I, “Dies Domini” (The Day of the Lord) covers numbered sections 8 through 18. This section cites the prologue of John’s Gospel, “Through him all things were made.” (1:3) What is the first thing we need to know about … Continue reading

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EG 127: Person to Person

But a blurb in the bulletin. Get an announcement after Communion. If these are SOP at your parish, you’re not communicating effectively. Pope Francis, in Evangelii Gaudium, titles numbered sections 127-129, “Person to person” and it’s not because he’s the kind of guy … Continue reading

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