EG 127: Person to Person

Vasnetsov_Maria_MagdaleneBut a blurb in the bulletin. Get an announcement after Communion. If these are SOP at your parish, you’re not communicating effectively. Pope Francis, in Evangelii Gaudium, titles numbered sections 127-129, “Person to person” and it’s not because he’s the kind of guy who would rely on people reading announcements, pronouncements, or whatever.

The most effective contact is one-on-one. The Holy Father knows it. If he were sitting next to us at our computer, he would tell it to our faces. But since he’s not, the only thing we can do is read, then act:

127. Today, as the Church seeks to experience a profound missionary renewal, there is a kind of preaching which falls to each of us as a daily responsibility. It has to do with bringing the Gospel to the people we meet, whether they be our neighbours or complete strangers. This is the informal preaching which takes place in the middle of a conversation, something along the lines of what a missionary does when visiting a home. Being a disciple means being constantly ready to bring the love of Jesus to others, and this can happen unexpectedly and in any place: on the street, in a city square, during work, on a journey.

Are we ready for this to happen any time? Are we prepared in what we might say?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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