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Dies Domini 39: The Table of the Word

Today we begin three posts on the Word at liturgy. Sunday nourishment comes in two ways: 39. As in every Eucharistic celebration, the Risen Lord is encountered in the Sunday assembly at the twofold table of the word and of … Continue reading

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Too Much PPP?

One of the best Catholic bloggers surfaces occasionally at dotCommonweal where, very early this morning (Commonweal time, I presume), he suggested “#enoughalready.” So it has come to this.  We are now debating the doctrinal authority of papal tweets and phone … Continue reading

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EG 154: An Ear to the People

Pope Francis, in Evangelii Gaudium writes of “An ear to the people.” It’s not about preaching what people want to hear, but what they need. And of course, it’s certainly not about what preachers want to say, but what they need to … Continue reading

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Hate and Basketball

So the Los Angeles NBA owner gets a lifetime ban. I think the braintrust of a sport can do that to players–and they have. Mainly for gambling. Why wouldn’t they be able to do that to coaches? Or owners? The … Continue reading

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Free Those Feasts!

What does the canonization mean in the day-to-day life of believers, new parishes, and such? Check it here. John XXIII and John Paul II will be optional memorials. Their feast days will not be dates of death, as is usual. … Continue reading

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Iniquitas radix malorum? Too Bad, Conservatives

Another tough year on the horizon for Catholic conservatives. The pope tweets in Latin, no less, and suddenly, the Right is full of chickens-with-heads-cut-off littles, wringing hands and pouting on the front porch. David Gibson “analyzes” here. Joe Carter offers … Continue reading

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Dies Domini 38: The Day of Hope

Faith roots our Sunday–it is where we express faith and are inspired to live it in the world. John Paul II also sees Sunday as a “day of hope.”  Let’s see what he means by that: 38. Viewed in this … Continue reading

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