Four, Nine, and Eleven

Those are good Gospel numbers for Lent. Sunday Mass this year features these great encounters with the Lord Jesus. As does the online Ignatian retreat for week 25.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it the other day. One week for all three of these readings? I might well take the rest of Lent with them and fall farther off the pace of this exercise. And there might still be depths to explore.

I’ve set aside my daily lectio to focus on these readings. And I haven’t yet gotten out of John 4–and that was proclaimed and preached over a week ago.

My spiritual director advised me to stay with some of the online material as long as it seemed good to do so these past six months. And I have done so. I’m not sure if I have the full mastery of all the weeks of the exercises so far. Some seem to have sunk in more deeply than others. Every so often, new fruits from an old week appear.

One commonality from my past that compares to the Spiritual Exercises is the Twelve Steps. The Steps were meant to be repeated as needed by a person in recovery. There’s a certain joy in returning to, say that acknowledgement of God and turning one’s life over, or of doing that searching and fearless moral inventory. Likewise with the Spiritual Exercises, the quality of gratitude keeps surfacing for me. Not every day. But at least once a week.

So Lent continues on. How have you readers been doing this season? Any good insights from liturgy or from personal prayer?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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