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USCCB In Liturgy Damage Control

The CARA priest survey on MR3 has hit the Catholic News Service, at least in a small news bit today. The executive director for liturgy at the USCCB was in damage control mode. Msgr Richard Hilgartner concedes “divided opinion” among his brother … Continue reading

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Cosmos Episode 4: Telescope as Time Machine

I’m falling behind in regular viewing of the Cosmos reboot with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. My wife and I viewed the 4th episode earlier tonight. Telescope as time machine: very true and accurate premise, but not everybody thinks in this way. … Continue reading

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Dies Domini 19: The Weekly Easter

If Sunday is the day of the Lord, it is also the day of Christ. Dies Christi, the topic of Chapter II, extends from this section to number 30. Subtitle: The Day of the Risen Lord and of the Gift of the … Continue reading

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Riot Aftermath

The university has cancelled the school’s festival. Some revelry continues. As our associate pastor was leaving the building shortly after this past midnight, an unconscious student was discovered in a closet. Unable to awaken the person, police were called and the … Continue reading

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Move To The Right (of 1 Kings)

From two states south of us, a potential 2016 presidential campaigner was in my state last night, according to CNN: Mike Huckabee told an Iowa crowd on Tuesday that he’s “not homophobic,” but believing marriage should be between one man … Continue reading

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EG 138: Giving Life Without Giving Entertainment

Even in the introduction to his section on preaching, Pope Francis gets specific with his advice. And there’s a lot of good advice here. 138. The homily cannot be a form of entertainment like those presented by the media, yet … Continue reading

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