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The Armchair Liturgist Reminds Liturgical Ministers

One or two of my colleagues think I pamper my liturgical ministers. A person in an important role in worship should not need a reminder. But on the sign-up forms, we give them an opportunity to check a box that … Continue reading

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Bad Bishops: “Bad Pope, Bad Catholics”

Jimmy Mac sent me this link. After pondering that some prelates were maybe slugging down too much anise aperitif, I was thinking about 89 pages. Is that all? To be truthful: once you’re on a roll, why stop with 10.79 … Continue reading

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Dies Domini 24-25: The Day of the New Creation

With these two sections, John Paul II looks at “The day of the new creation.” He cites Jewish/Christian connections in the Scriptures. Linking the Creation account with the Christological hymn of the letter to the Colossians. 24. A comparison of … Continue reading

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The Worship of Hate

It’s no laughing matter, certainly, but the white supremacist in my former city seemed unable to shoot straight, murdering three Christians in an attempt to rid the world of Jews. Or maybe he was shooting straight, or didn’t care. Daniel Burke … Continue reading

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I See No Blood Upon The Moon

I hadn’t realized there was such a fuss about this morning’s eclipse. Of course the moon turns red. That’s a good sign: the Earth possesses an atmosphere. A black moon would be trouble–it would mean someone sucked all the air … Continue reading

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I See

I was thinking about Joseph Plunkett’s poem. I first read it in the poetry appendix of Christian Prayer more than thirty years ago. The musical setting I was first familiar with was that of Michael Joncas from his collection Every … Continue reading

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EG 143: Connection and Conversation

Pope Francis urges a connection in preaching, not the simple presentation of ideas or even values unrelated to the people or the moment. 143. The challenge of an inculturated preaching consists in proclaiming a synthesis, not ideas or detached values. … Continue reading

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