The Worship of Hate

It’s no laughing matter, certainly, but the white supremacist in my former city seemed unable to shoot straight, murdering three Christians in an attempt to rid the world of Jews.

Or maybe he was shooting straight, or didn’t care. Daniel Burke makes the case the guy is a pagan. (Don’t know where the prefix “neo-” comes from. I think the Norse gods go back a millennium or two.)

Let’s just call it hate, and admit that in our own way we each surrender to it from time to time. What is the Christian response? “Thank God I’m not like that murderer?” What about just being angry with someone else?

My take is that justifying actions by calling on higher powers, politicians, celebrities, or even dead gods just shows how pitiable the indulgence of anger and aggression is. People are calling for the death penalty for the age-73 killer. May I suggest a diet of matzoh and gefilte fish? Maybe a bagel on Sunday.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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