Jubilation and Pink Slips

About two months ago I began keeping an eye on the Championship (a heck of a term for a league that is essentially minor, AAA, and supposedly inclusive of only the 21st through 44th-best football teams in England) and its top teams vying for promotion.

Jubilation now for Burnley and its supporters. I’m amazed that a city of just 90,000 will soon be supporting a top-flight English team. What American city has that many people plus a major league team? Besides Green Bay, I mean. The university city in which  I live has almost as many people and a stadium that seats more than twice as many as the newest Premier  League’s home turf. Two different worlds, I suppose.

The other question is how long will it last for Burnley. They had just one previous season in the Premier League. A 1-0 judgment against the team whose coach didn’t get fired, and then back down to toil in the Championship. (Still love that name.)

Maybe if Cardiff get relegated, I’ll have to root for Burnley as my number two next season.

The young miss was dismayed Sunday. She texted me from home while I was at Easter morning Mass she didn’t know for whom to root as her two favorites were squaring off. I suggested she stick with Everton, as they were (and are) still in the running for UEFA Champions League. And Man U is not. Why not, she asked, during the homily. Because 7th place gets you nothing, I said. In American football, you miss the playoffs in your conference. But in real football, nothing.

Well, in real football, there are consequences for some, if 7th place is deemed underperforming.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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