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Cosmos Looks At Lead

My wife and I caught the 7th episode of the Cosmos reboot tonight: how Clair Patterson, scientist from Iowa, dated the age of the Earth and campaigned against Big Business to eject lead from the modern environment. I thought the … Continue reading

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Hell and Remarriage: Whose Business?

Lots of internet damage control today on a piece of gossip: did Pope Francis tell a woman who “shouldn’t” be receiving the Eucharist that she could? The usual suspects weigh in. Plus lots of Catholic chicken littles thinking the sky¬†is … Continue reading

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Saints To Be Made

MoDo, certainly not a saint for internet Catholic true believers, is bound to raise blood pressures and temperatures with her NYT smackdown of one blessed¬†here. And this, particularly, will be hard for many to swallow: The Vatican had a hard … Continue reading

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Dies Domini 30: An Indispensable Day

John Paul II suggests protection. Such a defense of Sunday must involve an actively-lived and celebrated tradition. We’re not just defending tradition because of previous generations. They’re now dead–the ones who observed blue laws, and declined to work for their … Continue reading

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Prelates Pressured

The Catholic Press, at least its independent wing, continues to pressure bishops. Grant Gallicho continues the Commonweal hounding of American bishops of questionable administrative conduct. My sense if that Jeff Anderson is doing what any tenacious lawyer does to earn … Continue reading

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EG 147: Meaning Beyond The Details

In today’s section of Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis affirms modern Biblical scholarship, but urges a search for what the original author was attempting to communicate. It’s about something more than owrd meaning: 147. First of all, we need to be … Continue reading

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