Prelates Pressured

The Catholic Press, at least its independent wing, continues to pressure bishops.

Grant Gallicho continues the Commonweal hounding of American bishops of questionable administrative conduct.

bloodhoundsMy sense if that Jeff Anderson is doing what any tenacious lawyer does to earn his dime. Sniff out every scent and poke until something comes out. I don’t fault him for that. If I had to hire the man, that’s what I’d expect him to do. You can bet that any decent lawyer hired by the institutional church is doing the very same thing on behalf of the bishops. And if an occasional victim is bruised by it, so be it.

By the grace of God, John Nienstedt is a bishop. Does he come off as tenacious when it comes to managing his flock? My sense is that like him or not, Mr Anderson is a better lawyer than Archbishop Nienstedt is a pastor. Should that be a matter of discernment for those who are responsible for making bishops?

Elsewhere, the La Repubblica piece on Cardinal Bertone gets passed around a few organs, landing stateside at NCRep. Tom Gallagher asks:

Bertone needs three nuns to live in his residence? The nuns can’t find a more appropriate living arrangement outside of Bertone’s apartment?

Does the long “tradition” of religious women living with ordained men still get a pass, as it once might? There are realty two issues here. One is the man-woman thing. The other is the master-servant bit.

Cardinal Bertone has led a most un-Bergoglio existence in his long years as a cleric and later, as an ecclesiastical prince. How long is an appropriate transition? Is everyone expected to suddenly cook their own breakfasts and do their own laundry in the same way that some clergy tripped up sanctuary steps to erect six candles on altars?

These bishops may be less good at their “jobs” than some lay people at theirs. That such folks occasionally find themselves at odds is part of our contentious culture. Bishops give as good as they get: that’s my sense of the big picture here. At different times, people seem to take turns on one end or the other of the dogpack. What are people asking for? A free pass? A little understanding? Then give it.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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