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The Armchair Liturgist: Easter Octave Extras

In the Easter Octave, there are a few extra pieces. Extra, in the sense of these not being the usual part of a weekday Mass. The Gloria and the Sequence were sung at the student Thursday night Mass last night. … Continue reading

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Dies Domini 32-33: The Eucharistic Assembly

The Mass is not just a community event, or even┬áthe┬ácommunity event of the week, but as Pope John Paul II often describes it, a “fountain.” That term struck me as I read through these sections. Is a fountain a decorative … Continue reading

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MSW on JP2 Bishops

Michael Sean Winters at NCRep “remembers” Pope John Paul II here. I think it is possible to be fond of the man, yet remain critical on some points. Peter can be the template. We can admire the man, invoke him … Continue reading

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Bat Christians

Another great image from the Francis papacy. “Bat Christians.” CNS recounts it: “We’re afraid of joy. It’s better thinking: ‘Yeah, yeah, God exists, but he’s up there; Jesus is risen, he’s there’ (at) a bit of distance,” he said. “We’re … Continue reading

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Wrong Question, Even For The States

“Above the fold” at RNS is Brian Pellot’s quick bit about a nation wringing hands over its identity. I’ve seen headlines on this discussion. If it took place in my own country, I couldn’t get excited about it. Is Britain … Continue reading

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EG 149: Personalizing the Word

Pope Francis cites a recent predecessor in suggesting a “personal familiarity” with the Word of God. What does this mean? If there is a hope for Christian believers to have an intimate relationship with Christ, then the preachers of the … Continue reading

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