Wrong Question, Even For The States

“Above the fold” at RNS is Brian Pellot’s quick bit about a nation wringing hands over its identity. I’ve seen headlines on this discussion. If it took place in my own country, I couldn’t get excited about it.

Is Britain a Christian country?

Seems to me the question somewhat lets Christians off the hook. Are British Christians believers and disciples of Christ? Start there. Work it out as you go. If my country is Christian, maybe I don’t need to be, so much.

The same holds true for Americans.

I don’t need a government stance or an acknowledgement of some official book* to be a good or better Christian. In a way, it indulges a weakness of modern society. Delegate the tough stuff to someone who’s an expert. Leave me alone to indulge my personal stuff. The people who drop their kids off for religious instruction. The people who leave sainthood to popes and martyrs and gurus.

* The Bible, by the way, is not a book. It’s a library of books.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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