Bluebirds Of Unhappiness

For a sports league without playoffs, it sure has been exciting to follow the Premier League the past few weeks. Wales looks like a lock to lose one of its teams to relegation after that defeat yesterday. Just desserts, according to one blogger:

Relegation would be celebrated by quite a number of fans throughout the football world after the mess made off the field by (owner Vincent) Tan. It will be seen as comeuppance after he changed the identity of the club and sacked popular manager Malky Mackay after a messy public dispute.

Owners. Sheesh.

The young miss might want to keep her rooting interests quiet. Ever since I started looking at Everton’s quest for the Champions’ League, they’ve lost two straight.

And the Swans won. One Wales team safe. I guess all the teams can’t lose them all.

The battle for relegation is certainly interesting. Some of those bottom-dwellers occasionally look like they have life.


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3 Responses to Bluebirds Of Unhappiness

  1. David D. says:

    “The battle for relegation is certainly interesting”

    With, perhaps, the exception of Sunderland, not really I’m hoping for Cardiff, Fulham and Norwich for the drop as I doubt anyone other than the fans of those clubs will miss them much. Top of the table just became very interesting. Thoughts on Chelsea/Liverpool?

  2. Todd says:

    Sundays I have to follow the matches online, as I rarely get to tune in to live tv. I just finished watching the “condensed” version of Che/Liv. It looked like a magnificent game, especially, alas, in light of what I remember from NE/SKC on tv last night. My wife roots against Liverpool because of Suarez, but he’s undoubtedly a brilliant player. They might be big money teams I love to hate, but the playmaking, defending, and goalkeeping gets more amazing the longer I watch.

    And as for the relegation battles, I was thinking of Crystal Palace and Sunderland lifting themselves out of the danger zone. And Cardiff’s 3-3 tie a few weeks ago. Every third game, one of those bottom teams pulls off a surprising performance. The NBA and NHL bottom feeders, not so much.

    • David D. says:

      Apples and oranges especially as compared to the NBA. Goals are hard to come by and the final score does not always reflect which side carried play. One often hears that such and such a side deserved better than the actual result . Depending on one’s own subjective view, this is either a terrible flaw of the game or part of its charm. .

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