Free Those Feasts!

What does the canonization mean in the day-to-day life of believers, new parishes, and such? Check it here.

John XXIII and John Paul II will be optional memorials. Their feast days will not be dates of death, as is usual.

St. John’s feast day is Oct. 11, the anniversary of the day in 1962 that he opened the Second Vatican Council. St. John Paul’s feast day is Oct. 22, the anniversary of the inauguration of his pontificate in 1978.

Mark those calendars.

What’s the difference between blessed and saints, liturgically speaking?

 — At a canonization, the pope issues a formal decree recognizing the candidate’s holiness and permitting public remembrance of the candidate at liturgies throughout the church.

— With a beatification, the pope concedes permission for limited public remembrances, usually among members of the candidate’s religious order or in the diocese where the candidate lived and worked.

In the latter case, permission is needed to celebrate a feast day. Or name a parish after the person. Schools and universities, not really.

My favorite of the Pope Francis saints remains Pierre Favre. Just call me a Tridentine guy …

Cool hat, eh?


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4 Responses to Free Those Feasts!

  1. Liam says:

    What’s not clear is the kind of optional memorial: is it one published in the universal calendar, national ordo or not? Most saints don’t make it onto the published calendar. I mean, the calendar was not flooded with the hundreds of saints elevated in the last 300 years, after all.,,, IIRC, unless Pope Francis affirmatively has them placed in the universal calendar, it will be up to the national episcopal conference(s) to petition him to include them in published national ordos.

  2. FrLarry says:

    I received a letter from our liturgical office indicating that in the US, JP2 would be an obligatory memorial and J23 would be an optional memorial.

    • Todd says:

      Maybe so, but they’re not up on the NAB subsite at USCCB. Still figuring out the readings and prayers, I suppose.

      • Liam says:

        Well, the calendar for the current liturgical year and the next are already done and published; no changes would be reflected until the 2015-2016 liturgical year. The USCCB still operates in the world where online is merely supplemental to dead-tree reality.

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