First Communion Menu

choc fountainToday was First Communion for our parish’s youngsters. I had some fun with the group. Neither priest showed up at the group rehearsal yesterday–that’s not a big deal actually. It’s one of the jobs of a liturgist to make sure people are prepared for sacramental celebrations like this.

As I walked everybody through the Mass, I mentioned who the homilist would be today. I told the children that if they saw Father Richmond before Mass to ask him if he had a good homily ready for them.

Curiously enough, he mentioned that someone asked him that as he launched into preaching after the Gospel.

I also told the nineteen children to pay close attention to small things at the Mass. One thing I asked them to look for was the epiclesis gesture of the priest. Of course, I didn’t tell them what it was called. But I demonstrated the hands over the gifts. And this morning after Mass, one young lad said, “Mr Flowerday! I noticed when his hands went like this!” And he demonstrated.

I also had some fun with a few mothers. I mentioned “my” ideal First Communion brunch menu. Salsa and chips for an appetizer. Then lasagna with extra sauce. Lots of grape juice. And if that wasn’t enough to splash red and purple on nice white dresses and shirts, I think a chocolate fountain would add the right finishing touch.

I hope they know I was kidding, and that I have absolutely no control over the brunch menu. (It was ham or turkey sandwiches on buns–not even any mustard to be seen.) Lemonade and water to drink. No red, purple, or brown in sight.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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