Bishops On Notice?

Mark Silk thinks we’ve all missed a significant change. In Cardinal Seàn O’Malley’s presser a few days ago:

Our concern is to make sure that there are clear and effective protocols to deal with situations where superiors of the church have not fulfilled their obligations to protect children. There are, theoretically I guess, canons that could apply here but obviously they have not been sufficient.

Superiors. That could be religious order superiors. The context seems to include bishops. Cardinal O’Malley stressed that legal considerations of protection and such are irrelevant.

(W)e have a moral obligation.

CDF v LCWR will get a lot more press this week, and more stuffed commentariats online. But the invocation of canon law is interesting. And more, this cardinal is in the group-of-nine. And eventually Pope Francis’ “cabinet” will be talking serious administration involving the curia, conferences, and bishops.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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