Helping Engaged Couples

A few months ago I began collecting YouTube links to music that might be chosen for a wedding liturgy. It’s relatively easy to find the mainstream classics–the pieces that were in your and my piano book from our days in lessons. Finding something played at the right tempo … and something not rendered on a cheesy electronic keyboard: this makes for a more difficult task.

I keep the links in a folder marked “wedding music” on my browser. A good number of couples are either partially or totally out of town. I’ve had three consultations this year alone by cell phone. It’s hard to conduct those at a piano.

(By the way, unlike the priest who hired me six years ago, my current pastor gladly accepts alumni weddings here. Though he urges couples to join their local parish. When they ask about paying him or making an offering, he shrugs off the former and tells them to be generous when the alumni appeal letter arrives at their home.)

I’ve begun linking psalms and Gospel acclamations as well. This is a longer process, as I’ve found some awkward versions from weddings, school liturgies, and the like. I hope to be able to build up a few hundred total pieces so I can let the computer play them while I gab about the plusses and minuses of various repertoire. And the minuses of the Wagner Wedding March. I had my annual request for that the other week. Steered the pair to something different, thank goodness.

I know Charles and a vanishing few music directors still visit here. Do any of you use online resources to assist in planning weddings, or even funerals? If so, what would you suggest?

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Helping Engaged Couples

  1. Charles says:

    Sure do, Todd. It’s just a whole lot easier to dial up Jeremiah Clarke on YouTube than to fumble through it on the office synth. Even the “Unity Candle Song” sung by some guy on a keyboard in a studio is pretty decent to show the tune and lyrics sufficiently. And then, of course, the famous O’Neill Brothers’ compilations of TacoBell and the others……

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