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Mini-Sabbatical Coming Up

I can hardly believe it is nearly time for me to take a five-week leave of Ames, Iowa and the parish and student center where I serve. Thanks to generous grants from the archdiocese and from an endowment set up … Continue reading

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Bad Liturgy 1: Reserving the Blood

If I were to start blogging today, maybe I would title my site “Bad Liturgy.” Why? I reflect on a few recent practices in my parish and I think about how much worse it was in the past. I just … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Ephesians 2:1-10

Section 157 in the Rite of Penance gives a long section of Ephesians 2 as an option for a reading. As with other reflections in this series, we’ll look at the passage not as a Bible Study as such, but … Continue reading

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Dies Domini 62: Sabbath Fulfilled

Christians do not keep the Jewish Sabbath. But the roots of the Torah are found in God’s liberating act of the Exodus. God cares for us, liberates and saves us. This suggests, invites, beckons a response on the part of … Continue reading

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Signs At The Top … Or Near The Top

When it’s not a matter of doctrine, Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz is really the red hat who oversees women religious. Or he’s supposed to be. He seems to want the LCWR/CDF parties to play nice. He insists people aren’t … Continue reading

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Children, Not As Pawns

I noticed Archbishop Chaput’s facebook post protesting the striking down of the gay marriage ban in his state, which included this bit about children: Marriage is more than a private arrangement between two people. It’s a public commitment of love … Continue reading

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EG 180: The Kingdom and Its Challenge

A brief section of Evangelii Gaudium today, in which Pope Francis offers the first half of a discourse on “The kingdom and its challenge.” As we’ve heard, the Church is not a personal encounter experience nor is it a public service organization: … Continue reading

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