Crimes of Bishops and Lay People

CNS has two news bits of interest to abuse watchdogs and survivor advocates. One, the UN notices the Church is somewhat lenient on bishops. And we should get tough, according to them.

Right after that Father Robert W. Oliver, CDF official, was quoted:

(The Church does have) procedures to deal with bishops who are negligent in supervision. It is a crime. We need to move forward on this. The law itself is there, the process itself needs to be developed. It is clear that it is a crime, but how we deal with this crime needs to be developed.

Meanwhile the crackdown on lay people having Mass without a priest is engaged. Chiefly for Martha Heizer, who chairs We Are Church, and husband Gert:

The Heizers said they were shocked to be placed in the same category as violators of confessional secrecy and sexual abusers. “We have a law, and according to the law, we must be held accountable,” the Heizers said in a May 21 statement. “But we have never accepted this process of nonjudicial criminal proceedings and do not consequently accept this verdict. We will continue to work with great energy for reform in the Catholic Church, especially when this procedure shows how much renovation is needed.”

The institutional church takes matters touching on the core of faith–the Mass–with grave seriousness. It goes deeper than morality, hence the quick response.

Mrs Heizer seems willing to be provocative in this matter. It plays into the moral priorities of survivor advocates.

The truth is that while “simulating” the Eucharist is a big problem, these days, negligent bishops have caused far more damage to the faith that the more provocative of the reform groups.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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