A few months ago my wife picked up a $5 2-movie disk. One film is my favorite adaptation of Mary Norton’s The Borrowers. I used to fuss about movies that strayed far afield of the books, but the 1997 film is quite good. Added to the book(s) is some slapstick abuse of John Goodman and some understated special effects. Like many British movies of the past twenty-some years (or earlier) there’s also the opportunity of playing the game of spotting the Harry Potter actors. Two Slytherins appear in this movie, but that’s okay.

I had no idea yet a 2011 adaptation was in the package. Or had even been made.

You all know the premise, right? Little things are lost in houses not because of our forgetfulness, but because little people “borrow” them for their use. They must avoid being “seen,” and thus letting out the secret that they exist.

The Borrowers and its sequels weren’t really books for boys, but I confess a liking of these stories since I was a young lad. I’ll confess a bit further a literary crush on Arrietty. Did not like Spiller.

My wife picked up all the novels a number of years ago, and I’ll keep them. Fodder for grandchildren enjoyment, most likely.

There was a Hallmark version from the 70’s. I admit I watched that.

The science for little people it totally wrong, of course. There’s no way they could digest full size food that exists in our real universe. Or function with the laws of physics. Oh well. I knew that by high school, but I enjoy it all still.


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1 Response to Borrowers

  1. therese says:

    I love the story but didn’t know there were several adaptations, thank you & look forward to checking them out.

    Have you seen the animated version Arrietty from Studio Ghibli? My sister & I enjoyed it a few years back.

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