A Return

Don’t you just love the English language? Maybe if you’re not so much an English student …

“Re” and “turn.” Doesn’t seem to imply anything other than making another turn. I may be driving in a car and I turn left. Then I turn left again. I have re-turned. If I make those two turns in quick succession, I might even get back to my point of origin. Or close to it.

Maybe I can say I’m back from retreat. But “back” has its own connotation.

Enough of the philosophizing. I have settled in room 301A at McGloin Hall on the Creighton University campus where I will be blogging for the next 26 days. I haven’t been in a classroom for over 26 years. But we shall see how I manage in these short few weeks in navigating two classes: CSP 780 Counseling for Spiritual Direction weekdays at 8AM and CSP 773  The Theology of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius from 10AM. I have my books, some electronic, some paper copies. I have a full schedule for the next few days with orientation, welcome dinner, IT orientation, Sunday Mass, CSP program Mass, a talk from the director. And somehow I need to find time to clean all my dirty laundry from retreat and get some food to stock my sorry, mostly empty shelves.

I pulled some of my old tricks from college in setting up my room. There was an extra bed in the way, so after vanishing the bed frame, I put the mattress against the wall and moved the other bed next to it. Voila! A shelf for my tissues, glasses, journal, and Bible.

mattress shelf

There were two ladders in the closet if the students had decided to bunk the beds–they are now pressed against the wall for more shelves. One is below. I actually have not enough stuff to put on these shelves. But it makes me feel clever and collegiate.

ladder shelf

Why on earth am I here? We start here. The pastor wants me to do this too. I just want to get through the first session this summer. Then we’ll see.

Now … it’s time to get to some exploring. I will be blogging about a few of my retreat experiences I think. I’ll resume the series on those documents from Pope Francis and Pope John Paul II. I shudder to think of what my personal email inbox looks like. But I’ll have to clean that up sometime soon, too. If you have been in touch, or attempted to do so through e-mail (like you, Jimmy–you’re getting a good priest I know) I promise to catch up.

Meanwhile, I welcome your comments, well wishes, good-luck-you’ll-need-it, or whatever. I’ve had a great nine days on retreat. I miss my family. The blogging, perhaps a bit. Stay in touch.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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