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Reconciliation Lectionary: Ephesians 5:1-14

Ephesians 5 gets a lot of attention for how its author dealt with the relationship of husband and wife. Be assured the Rite of Penance doesn’t touch upon this chapter’s hot spot. There are shorter versions of this reading in … Continue reading

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Who Consults on Family?

The president-emeritus of Ireland speaks out on the upcoming synod on the family: (Mary) McAleese questioned the idea of people “who have decided they are not going to have any children, not going to have families, not going to be … Continue reading

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Dies Domini 79: Sunday, A Model For Holy Days

What to do with holy days that fall on a day other than Sunday? Some involve observances that lack a place in the broadest sense of the Christian imagination. Work and other obligations overwhelm a sense of celebrating, say, the … Continue reading

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Suarez Sinks the English

I see the Liverpool striker has sunk all his English mates from the Premier League with two goals today. I knew his history, abusing opponents verbally and physically. Watching him this season, I was impressed with his work ethic and unselfishness. … Continue reading

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More Adoption Shortsightedness

More blindness on the adoption front. So what if the supply of infants has dried up. There are still hundreds of thousands of girls and boys in foster care in this country. One would think that a church with such … Continue reading

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A Letter To Ordinands

In class today, our prof shared with us Michael Buckley’s letter to ordinands. It’s ordination season, and perhaps you are fortunate to know a newly minted sacramental priest or two. There is a practice among us Americans, common and obvious … Continue reading

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Aparecida 50: The Market and Unleashing of Desires

In the past few months the world has heard much from Pope Francis on the greed of the market. We should not be surprised that his statements reflect what was written in the Aparecida document, since he was involved in … Continue reading

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EG 201: Renewing the Call to Assist the Needy

Pope Francis’ document Evangelii Gaudium is available online in its entirety, by the way. We are finishing up a section examining The special place of the poor in God’s people [197-201] as part of a larger look at “The inclusion of the poor … Continue reading

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