More Adoption Shortsightedness

Br in restaurantBr on dateMore blindness on the adoption front. So what if the supply of infants has dried up. There are still hundreds of thousands of girls and boys in foster care in this country. One would think that a church with such an evangelical mindset would consider the opportunity of bringing new blood into the Saints. I suppose it’s easier to ship adolescents to Brazil.

Meanwhile, my adopted daughter turned eighteen late last month. She’s only lived with us for thirteen years. So what if my wife and I missed the first five years? We get forever, right?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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4 Responses to More Adoption Shortsightedness

  1. Amen! My mom has a family friend who adopted a little girl from India. She was 5. And you’re right, there are a lot of children in America who are desperate to have a family.

    Thank you for adopting. :)

  2. Jim McCrea says:

    Just think of all the pre-teens and teenagers who, for a variety of reasons, have never been adopted.

    Wouldn’t bringing one of them (with all of the attendant problems that one could expect at those ages) into one’s family be a true act of Christian love?

  3. Teralyn says:

    How would you propose a Church get themselves involved in the foster care system when it’s gov’t run?

    • Todd says:

      The institution doesn’t have to run an agency. It can organize couples and families to adopt. Flood the system with prospective parents.

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