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Dies Domini 84: Testimony And Proclamation

Proclamation is associated with the explicit preaching of the Gospel message. It is a kerygmatic function of the Church, part of our obligation to the Great Commission (cf. Matthew 28:19-20). 84. Sustaining Christian life as it does, Sunday has the additional … Continue reading

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EG 206: Economy As An Art

Pope Francis reminds us that there is a wide meaning to that vocabulary word. There’s an artistic sense in making do with a minimal amount and creating something more than the sum of parts. These days, too many people think … Continue reading

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Two Weeks of Worthy Women: Julie Billiart

Turning perfectly well-discerned and healthy communities into monasteries: one of the biggest errors of imprudence clerics have imposed on women. During the days of Napoleon, Julie Billiart, saint-to-be, found herself pressured by another tyrant to rewrite the constitution of her fledgling community, and shove … Continue reading

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