Midday Football Break

African EagleAte my lunch to the second half of France-Nigeria with one of my classmates who is from Nigeria. We were rooting for Africa. The other priest in the room, from Poland, is going all-Europe in his cheering preferences.

CONCACAF nearly had a double heartbreak in yesterday’s World Cup. The Mexicans and Costa Ricans surrendered three goals in two matches after the 87th minute to their European opponents. Costa Rica survived, so yay! for my continent. Too bad for my Mexican neighbors, but perhaps the manager Miguel Herrera is spared a stroke or heart attack before his team might have reached the final.

As I type, one African team is eliminated. The last side from that continent is up against Germany today.

I won’t be watching the second match today–one big paper still to go. I also won’t be watching those ESPN cutaways to people not at the match, but jumping and cheering and all. Like World Cup sponsors want us all to get excited that other people are excited about their teams. I confess I am excited about the World Cup and will watch it to the final. But I don’t need my corporate masters telling me I should hoot, howl, and drink their drinks and drive their cars.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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