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Two Weeks of Worthy Women: Isabel Roser

In my summer studies here at Creighton University, I’ve learned that a few women actually took Jesuit vows. Isabel Roser supported Ignatius in the early days of his vocation, during his time as a street preacher and beggar in Barcelona. She and … Continue reading

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Seen But Not Here

Laurence Rosania’s “The Supper of the Lord” has tripped up a few Catholics since its first appearance twenty years ago. For a line that begins with such a Catholic thought, how could it go so wrong so fast? Precious body, precious … Continue reading

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EG 213: Defending The Unborn

Pope Francis, in this section of Evangelii Gaudium places himself squarely in the pro-life camp. Worth thinking about: why he gets the ear of so many people in spite of that. 213. Among the vulnerable for whom the Church wishes to care … Continue reading

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On Football

NPR has five reasons why the world’s football (not the pigskin) has a sudden surge in popularity in the States. Will it last in a way opposite from the 70’s, when I played the sport and rooted for my hometown … Continue reading

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Two Weeks of Worthy Women: Anna Maria Dengel

Sisters can’t be doctors. Sounds like a schoolyard taunt. But it was part of what Anna Dengel faced as she attempted to bring together two aspects of her life: serving the poor as a doctor and committing her life totally … Continue reading

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Dies Domini 87: Final Words and Blessing

It’s been a long time since we began this reading of Dies Domini. Have you gained any insights? Prayed or reflected in any new way because of it? Thought about the Eighth Day any more, and brought it to a … Continue reading

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Peter and Paul: Are These The Best Readings?

This is one of those few weekends where there is a different set of readings for Saturday and Sunday. Let the liturgically astute among us be forewarned. With two possible Gospel readings, one of my colleagues at school was surprised … Continue reading

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