Servicing Weddings

Catholic_weddingWhen I was at Creighton University last month, I got involved with music in the on-campus parish, St John’s. There’s a music rehearsal room in the very back, behind the apse. A sign informed me:

Music rehearsal room Saturday 4pm through Friday noon.

Bridal room Friday noon through Saturday 4pm.

Hmm, I thought. When I was a music director, I’ve had to share space with lots of church things over the years. Usually it’s other liturgical things: altar servers, fake flowers, stuff like that.

Never brides. I wonder where the wedding musicians in that parish go to prepare.

We’re about fifty minutes from today’s scheduled wedding, and I’m just finishing up my lunch. The church is set up for a wedding, sans flowers. And nobody’s in the bridal preparation rooms (which are shared, by the way, with interviewers for assistance grants, the bereavement committee, and a few other groups).

What services does your parish provide to wedding-day couples? Or do you tell ’em to show up dressed and on time? What should a parish provide for the wedding day: other than a nave and a priest or deacon?

1:40pm update: the invitations were printed for a 2:30 start. The musicians came in a few minutes ago. I guess that means there’s a wedding.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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