That’s the word out of Rome today.

All bishops must carry out their pastoral ministry with the utmost care in order to help foster the protection of minors, and they will be held accountable.

“Reparation” was also mentioned.

No idea what this means. Except that maybe, once again, Pope Francis has confounded his skeptics. Confound is a good place to be, for some.

I wonder if this means we’ll see a wholesale sacking of bishops. That would be a very interesting development. My suggestion would be to send bishops back to their old dioceses and put them in parish ministry. If they themselves are cleared of sexual misbehavior. Back to administration school, and tell the parishioners, of course. Make sure a business manager signs the checks and runs the place.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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5 Responses to Accountability

  1. Jim McCrea says:

    Did you really mean “ruins the place?” How about RUNS the place.

  2. Todd says:

    Thanks Jim. Good catch. Batten down the hatches. Here come the atheists.

  3. Jim McCrea says:

    Re: Accountability. Ah’m frum Missourah: Show Me!

  4. Devin says:

    I do wonder about the “cut-off” line. I could see a scenario where a bishop like Myers (not the greatest example since he is close to retirment) gets canned while Finn remains in his see for example

  5. crystal says:

    Nowhere does he actually say that bishops who cover up abuse will be punished and so far (I think) only a couple of bishops who have actually abused have been investigated by the Vatican. The fact that he has not done anything about those bishops who have covered up doesn’t seem hopeful to me. When one of the abuse victims he met asked him to remove Brady in Ireland, his only response was that “change would be difficult”.

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