Friday Futbol

There actually isn’t any football today. I noticed that the first round of the UEFA Europa League has commenced. There’s a team from Andorra?

Much has been made of the Germany-Argentina match-up as a pope on pope kind of thing. Does that mean Catholic progressives and conservatives will align with a country based on their ideology, or the perceived ideology of either Francis or Benedict?


The (relative) onslaught of goals in group play has slowed to a trickle, except for the Germans. Maybe it’s just Portuguese nations that are primed for German opportunism. The Germans have outscored two sides 11-1, but have taken four games plus some extra time to net six against the other teams. 1.38 goals per game against non-Portuguese-speaking teams seems rather pedestrian to me.

Since they don’t speak Portuguese much in Argentina, I’m thinking the World Cup goes to South America. Will the hosts be more upset or less at that prospect?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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