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Aparecida 59 – New Immigrants to Latin America

The Spanish, the French, and the English were the earliest but not the only groups to come to Latin America and the Caribbean. Paragraph 59 seems to be referring to other groups that have come and brought their cultures to … Continue reading

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Squid Nebula, Big Numbers

Interesting new discovery posted on Astronomy Picture of the Day. A faint nebula, maybe 14 quadrillion miles away, and maybe fifty light years long. That’s so big that if the sun were on one end and we were on the other, … Continue reading

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Eat A Cookie

Anti-abortion Catholics generally ignore or dismiss criticism of their support for China and Chinese products. “Impossible” is how one concerned Catholic responded to one of my boycott inquiries. But remember: that’s a nation that actually utilizes law and punishment to enforce … Continue reading

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EG 247-249: Relations With Judaism

Three brief sections in Evangelii Gaudium examine the Christian approach to Judaism. Note that Pope Francis does not discuss “Catholic” issues, but ones that touch upon the larger body of Christian believers. Let’s read: 247. We hold the Jewish people in … Continue reading

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