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Football Foam

This is good news. The refs used that foam-out-of-a-can to mark defense of a free kick as well as ball placement in the World Cup. One of the early games I noticed the players were a bit stubborn, not moving … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Matthew 18:15-20

This passage is much-loved by those who tout the apostolic authority of the Church. But for us ordinary lay folk, it is about as down-to-earth as it gets with regard to the matter of specks and planks. Jesus gives one … Continue reading

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The Francis Effect Afield

Interesting feature on the first woman picked to lead a Jesuit university. She declined the offer of a $600K house, choosing instead to remain in her family’s home. LeMoyne University will sell its president’s house.  

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DPPL 9-10: Piety and Religiosity

Let’s look at a pair of terms today. What is “popular piety?” 9. The term “popular piety” designates those diverse cultic expressions of a private or community nature which, in the context of the Christian faith, are inspired predominantly not by the … Continue reading

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Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Over two nights my wife and I viewed another Shahrukh Khan vehicle, the popular film Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The more I see Mr Khan in film, the more impressed I am with him as an actor. I’ve been wondering: … Continue reading

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Bloom Where Planted

Archbishop John Nienstedt says a pope planted him in the Twin Cities. He’ll bloom where he’s planted. (Or wither on the vine?) Is he daring another pope to fire him? Bishops are readily available, it seems, to move up when … Continue reading

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Ron Hansen @ America

America intern Sean Salai has a nice brief interview of one of my favorite Catholic writers here. On Jesuit influence in his life: I pretty much hated school until I encountered Jesuit teaching in high school, I learned to love … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Creativity III: On Transcendence

In his Saturday meeting with priests from the diocese of Caserta, Pope Francis moves from creativity to transcendence. But he begins with simple relationships with others: But there is also another transcendence: opening oneself up to others, to one’s neighbor. … Continue reading

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Sixteen Days

The Premier League site is previewing teams for the upcoming season. My favorite side is featured today. (Or is that favourite?) I’ve long been a skeptic relying on “corporate” sites for following sports. I’ve never even visited the official NFL … Continue reading

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On The Run Again

A cardinal’s investigation leads to suspension of ordinations for a Paraguayan diocese. Some non-Paraguayan protest at the UCANews site, which picked up the story from CatholicCulture. It must be a fascinating tale of grooming that a priest booted out from … Continue reading

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EG 266: A Richer Life in Christ

Pope Francis, in Evangelii Gaudium, touts the importance of continuing and maintaining a personal relationship with Christ. How else can any individual hope to sustain credibility and energy? 266. But this conviction has to be sustained by our own constantly renewed … Continue reading

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