Football Foam

This is good news. The refs used that foam-out-of-a-can to mark defense of a free kick as well as ball placement in the World Cup. One of the early games I noticed the players were a bit stubborn, not moving back a few inches as directed. The ref sprayed the foam over the players’ shoes. Loved that.

Richard Scudamore, Premier League head cheese:

At the Premier League we are open to developments that enhance the competition and it was clear from watching the World Cup in Brazil that vanishing spray benefitted referees, players, and all of those who watched the matches.

Having witnessed that, and following consultation with our clubs and the PGMOL [Professional Game Match Officials Limited], we have decided to introduce it in the Premier League and look forward to having it in place for the 2014-15 season.

Lower leagues in the English system will not get cans of foam. MLS not using it either. Huh. BBC feature on it here.

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