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Look Up, Look Southwest

Western European readers, you don’t have much time to catch this, but the moon crashes a close visual encounter with Mars and Saturn after sunset tonight in the southwest. Amateur astronomer Bob King has a nice blog post at Universe … Continue reading

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Aparecida 71 – Employment

Another real problem in Latin America and the Caribbean is the lack of employment or of sufficient employment. In paragraph 71, the bishops note the importance of this factor. The economically active population of the region is affected by underemployment … Continue reading

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DPPL 42: Battling Superstition and Magic

The Directory looks at some sensibilities that might be Tridentine, might be better considered anti-reformation, but they were the expressions of fallible human beings during an age in which the Church was losing political supremacy, and indeed, had already lost … Continue reading

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People, Alas, Are Devilish Enough

I don’t mean to beat the Urrutigioty/Groeschel dead horse, but I thought commenter Brian Gallagher had a useful observation: EWTN has a phenomenal batting average for finding these guys. I’m especially impressed by the damnatio memoriae efforts they take to … Continue reading

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Fill of Football

I think I finally have my fill of football–at least for the day. I watched most of Sporting KC’s 3-1 loss last night. They didn’t look particularly sharp losing to a 2nd-from-bottom team. But after a year of watching Premier … Continue reading

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Fr Groeschel Caught Up In Urrutigoity Scandal

With the curtain up on part 3 of the Carlos Urrutigoity soap opera at dotCommonweal, retired EWTN celebrity and supporting player Benedict Groeschel is put under an uncomfortable spotlight, post and commentariat both. What constitutes piling on an elderly man, … Continue reading

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DPPL 41: The Tridentine Stamp on Catholicism

A council never has the final word. It is always in the implementation that the council’s real work is done and the impact achieved. Trent was certainly successful in placing a stamp on Roman Catholicism: 41. The Catholic reform, with … Continue reading

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