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Funeral Lectionary: Psalm 148

In the Order of Christian Funerals, there is a chapter, the 13th, dedicated to all the readings for funerals for adults. Following this is a brief chapter, the 14th, giving readings for “Funerals for Baptized Children.” The Scripture passages are … Continue reading

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A Better Dismissal?

There is another PrayTell discussion that interested me. Topic: sending people forth for justice. I think perhaps the discussion could be widened to sending people out for discipleship. Until I read that piece and its comments, I was generally satisfied … Continue reading

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DPPL 11: The Primacy of the Liturgy

People uncover and bring the things of life to prayer. These things may have little or no connection to Scripture or liturgy. But the fruits are often undeniable. How does liturgy fit with popular piety? The CDWDS will spend a lot … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Creativity IV: Dialogue

In his Saturday meeting last weekend with priests from the diocese of Caserta, Pope Francis spoke of creativity. He rambled a bit, but his final destination brought us to a reflection on dialogue, and rested again on creativity. In the contemporary … Continue reading

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Four Abuses of Peace, Plus Perhaps Another

PrayTell reports on the new circular letter from the CDWDS on the Rite/Sign/Kiss/Mêlée of Peace. Honestly, Pope Francis has got to do something with this dicastery. They are getting rebuffed by German-speaking bishops in the translation department, so I guess they have … Continue reading

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EG 267: For the Greater Glory

It shouldn’t be a surprise that a Jesuit writes of the “greater glory.” The canticle of evening prayer (Ephesians 1:3-10) reminds us of God’s motivation to save us through Christ, and our response of praise to God is part of … Continue reading

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